Joe Blogs: Summer Streak still growing and going strong


Since the last update the Summer Streak has continued apace and gained more willing volunteers to the team. We’re all streaking through the summer to help raise awareness and funds for the MS Trust.


What started out as Debbie wanting a new challenge to keep the great work the MS Trust does in peoples mind and to push on with the running over the summer months, has grown into a team of over 30 of us streaking through the summer. A the challenge gained momentum, Debbie was interviewed by 5 towns radio and allowed to choose some songs – she wouldn’t use any of my suggestions… Debbie’s interview starts around 26 minutes, but the whole programme is worth a listen, just click the image below!


July finished with an echo of how it started at Endure, with another endurance race; the Dusk till Dawn event arranged by Team Manvers. The fact I’d completed my 100th Parkrun that morning in my quickest time at Nostell may not have been the best preparation for what I planned to use as marathon training through the night …

The plan was to run 8 laps and get up to 40km, just short of the marathon distance, only problem being that after 15km I realised it was 7.30pm and I’d not eaten since lunchtime so was running on empty. After stopping to get some fuel on board between laps, I called it a day at 7 laps (and 7 wristbands) so we could get to the Wath Tap for last orders. I returned to complete my last lap at 5am the next morning… Need to maintain priorities afterall.


Throughout the streak I have been expecting to fall  to pieces or seize up, but despite a few aches and pains, we have both been getting quicker and stronger. I have managed PB times at 5km, 10km and 5 miles, as well consistently getting round parkruns quicker than I ever have before. I’ve also knocked a few minutes off my time at the Flat cap 5 mile race from last year and also at the Trunce club from mid July to Mid August this year. Debbie has also got 2 5km PB’s since the start of the streak after being nowhere near since early 2016.

With the new volunteers joining the challenge, after a few struggles adapting to fitting a run in, many people are seeing an improvement in both motivation and performance. I can’t say this is an advised training plan to improve performance, as I’m sure there should be more rest, but the results as speaking for themselves so far.

Next up for Debbie and I is the Race the Train event next weekend and then we are building up to our big challenges later in the year. Debbie will be running two half marathons in consecutive weeks and I will be running a Marathon in October. We’re both hoping the improvements from the streak will carry into the longer distances.


We’re both talking about continuing the streak as we are enjoying it, but we never thought it would bring the response it has when Debbie decided on the challenge, both with raising awareness of the MS Trust, and also with everyone enjoying the challenge of running every day and the tests this brings.

Again thank you for reading and your support through the challenge. Hopefully I can report back next time having beaten that train this time. Hopefully I’ll be looking happier than I did at Trunce this week…




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