Success for the Summer Streakers!

Back in the Spring I was getting a bit fed up with running. I needed to take the focus off times that didn’t seem to be improving and get back to enjoying running for the sake of it… So I decided to run at least a mile every day through July and August to see what would happen and if I could actually keep it up! Calling it the Summer Streak and adding the fundraising element for the MS trust meant that I had to give it my best shot.

What started out as a solitary quest, turned into a bit of a campaign as I was joined by a handful of brilliant people in July; by August there were 30 of us streaking around Yorkshire, getting our daily run in, sharing our achievements and supporting each other on the tough days.

We saw streaking on holiday in New York, streaking at altitude in the Alps, well hydrated streaking in Lanzarote, determined streaking in Norfolk, midnight streaking in Stockholm and seaside streaking in Skegness. We had streakers who walked, ran, cycled and some streakers who swam, all on the same day!

There were some great events included in the streak too, from parkruns and 5k races, to 10km and half marathon distances and even an ultra marathon! We tackled 24 hour and nighttime endurance races, Hadrian’s Wall and raced a stream train (it won!).

Everyone who took part said that they’d enjoyed the experience and felt stronger for it, and considering the original aim was to take my focus off times, many of us have seen vast improvements, with Personal Bests recorded across most distances. A hardy few have vowed to continue streaking as a part of our training, and I know I’ll keep it up for as long as I can!

Here’s a few words from our streakers…

“It’s definitely made a difference this month in getting me my fastest 5k in 4 years and within 17 seconds of my 5 year old 1 mile pb”.

“I can’t believe streaking is over, it’s been awesome and even though I couldn’t run every day, I have seen improvements in my running/pace”.

“I added up our streaks and there are only 2 days, out of the 2 months, when we failed to run walk or swim”.

“Throughout the last month I have run every single day to raise awareness for the MS Trust, and to personally raise a bit of money for it too by putting a nominal fee aside each time I ran (there would have been a higher forfeit for any day I didn’t manage to run!). I ran a total of 97 miles (if I’d worked it out sooner and realised how close I was to 100 I might have managed an extra 3)”.

It hasn’t just been about the running though, once again raising awareness for the MS Trust and Multiple Sclerosis has been a huge part of the challenge. The Streakers have been using social media channels to share information and I was honoured (and a bit scared!) to be invited onto the radio to talk about the Streak and our fundraising. You can listen to the interview here.5towns

So far the Summer Streak has raised £862 for the MS Trust and the Streakers have declared 1,558.5 miles! That takes our fundraising total to £18,079 since 2015; an incredible sum that makes a huge difference to people living with Multiple Sclerosis in the UK.

If you would like to contribute to the Summer Streak, all donations are welcomed on the VirginGiving site and will support the brilliant work the MS Trust does by training MS Specialist Nurses and providing information to everyone affected by MS when they need it.

As for whether anyone actually took their clothes off… you’ll be relieved to know that this is as close as it got!


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