1000 Days of Streaking

Wow…I can’t believe the streak has ticked over 1000 days (last week) I still think the idea of a 30 day run streak is silly, and thought I’d never be able to complete a challenge that long!!! But we did the planned 30 days and raised over £1000 with the Summer Streak for the MS Trust — but then I kept going and going….
Thought I’d write a quick update on how things have been going over the last few months. A lot has changed since the start of the streak, until recently it was mainly quitting my job and setting up on my own, but with the current situation I am just grateful to be able to get outside everyday for some fresh air. I’m missing my brilliant running club and various events, but health is more important, and loving the virtual events happening every week to keep everyone in touch.
For day 1000, I was planning to head to the coast for something different, but that wasn’t possible. So  I thought I’d treat myself to my favourite local half marathon trail route, obviously this would be solo and I’d picked a nice quiet route, so I would be able to maintain the correct social distance.  It’s always great to be able to get out and enjoy the fresh air, luckily I had lovely weather for it and enjoyed taking it easy and just enjoying the miles pass by.
I can’t believe it was only 4 weeks ago that we were in Malta for a few days, running the half marathon and getting a huge 1 second PB; my last race and probably will be for a while to come. At the end of last year we made the trip to Valencia where I failed to get my sub 3 marathon or a PB, but had a brilliant trip with great company again  — I can’t wait to start going on these trips again.
I know people say we’re always on holiday, but the streak has proved that as I’ve managed to run in 14 different countries over the course of the 1000 days, with races or parkruns in  9 countries. So far on the streak I have ran over 8,500km (5,300 miles)  – which is just over the distance from Barnsley to San Francisco !!!!
There have been so many great experiences throughout the streak and I hope to continue this as long as I am enjoying it, I’ve managed to improve my PB’s at every distance since starting and my biggest achievement was completing the Hardmoors 60 (62 a bit extra miles) race last September in just under 13 and a half hours — something I had no idea whether I would be able to finish or not. Strangely I really enjoy the challenge and currently looking for the next one to sign up to — possibly Chester 50,  next year.
We’re looking forward to putting our MS Trust blue tops on again for more adventures – hopefully with the Race to the Castle and Great North Run later in the year
As I said at the beginning of this short blog, I appreciate being able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and feeling lucky for some of the environments we get to run from home.
sunrise fieldsunny woods
No idea how long I will continue with the streak for, but it’s become a natural part of my life and isn’t a chore. So as long as I want to go out, even if it’s just a couple of km, then I’ll keep going. And there’s always the treadmill in the garage if it comes to that….
Hopefully see you all soon …. and as a fellow runner shouted to me yesterday “Keep going, and stay safe”

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