Great North Run 2018

We have just about recovered from the mad summer where we completed Endure 24, the 100km Race to the Stones and Dusk till Dawn endurance events; it’s taken a lot of rest and recovery and now the big challenges start again…

In September we will be taking on both The Great North Run and Loch Ness Marathon, on top of this I have a milestone birthday coming up just before Loch Ness and will be officially OLD.

The 2017 summer streak is still continuing for me and Loch Ness will be day 450, assuming I can keep going until then.


Since starting our challenge back in 2015, we have been amazed at the amount of money  that the Worthington 500k challenge has raised for the MS Trust and are currently just short of £21,000, it’s less than £100 to go! It would be amazing if we could hit this target before the Great North Run and if we manage to achieve this, there has been talk of running with blue hair (really not sure what colour mine would end up — but willing to see for charity).

So please donate if you would like to make us easier to spot on the TV on Sunday morning!

Link for Donations

We have more challenges planned before the end of the year, with more updates coming soon

Again, thank you for reading!

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