Summer Streak for the MS Trust — One year completed

I said it when it was first suggested and I stand by it. A running streak is a daft idea and two months is too long to try and run everyday, especially when starting a new job on day three…. How could I fit a run in everyday? What about the day after races and events? I’m too old I need a few days to recover! What if it rains or is a bit cold?


That was over a year ago, starting at Endure24 with us running 8km loops as a relay team over a 24 hour period. I’ve just celebrated the streak anniversary in the same fields at Bramham Park, running the same 8km loops, although it was a lot hotter this year and being part of a smaller team meant that I ran an extra 15 miles taking the total to 35 miles in 24 hours.


I still don’t know if it was a result of the running streak, but since starting I have quit my job and set up my own business, which is now 6 months down the line and I am really enjoying it. I’m not saying it has been easy, and I have had a learn a lot, but I think the quiet time to think whilst out running has given me the opportunity to look at what I enjoy and what I want to spend my time doing.

As of today (3rd of July), I have run 3,017km since starting the streak, which is just over the distance from Loch Ness to Athens – the two marathons I will be running later this year, both of which Debbie has signed up to as well!

Over the last year I have run three more marathons, each one faster than the last, and have knocked off over 20 minutes since Paris last Spring.I’ve also gained PBs in every other distance category too – clearly it can’t be too bad for me!


Although injury halted Debbie’s streak in November (I still say it was just a splinter!) she will be putting her streak strength to the test running her first ever marathon, so why not tag another one on 6 weeks after the first? Later this month we both take on Race to the Stones, covering 100km in two days; what could be a better preparation for a marathon than 2 ultra marathons on two successive days! We’ll let you know about that one…


As well as the surprise of me keeping the streak going, we have been amazed by the willingness of others to join in and take on the streak challenge, with several people going beyond the original planned 60 days, some surpassing 100 days, and at least a couple still going strong over 9 months on. Whatever the weather the streak has continued and I’ve enjoyed getting  out everyday

Throughout the streak we’ve been lucky to run in some great locations including, Malta, Lisbon, Poznan, Gdansk, Wales, the Lake District among many other places close to home and it’s been a great way of exploring and I’m still finding new routes within a few miles of home


There is no plan to stop the streak (sorry Nic) or how long it will carry on for, but I hope it will continue as long as I am enjoying it and my body keeps allowing me to get out everyday. Thanks to everyone for your support and interest over the last year since starting this daft challenge. I just wish I had a pound for every time someone told me I’m mad and need rest days!

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