Summer Streak -Day 200 and still going

To start with, I was reluctant to sign up to Debbie’s daft idea of a two month running streak through the summer; I was starting a new job and wasn’t sure how I would be able to get out every day. The first two days were easy enough – 24 hours of running at Endure 24, so I just took it a day at a time…


Fast forward to a cold, wet January morning and I was out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a 10km loop in the rain, wind, sleet and snow, with more than a bit of mud completing 200 days of running every day.

With regards to the new job, I left after 6 months and decided to start up on my own; I’m still not sure if it was the free thinking time whilst running, but something gave the confidence to make the jump.

Over the 200 days there have only been a handful of days when it’s been difficult to get out of the door, but I’ve enjoyed every run. I mixed up everything from slow 2km recovery runs, through to a Marathon and most distances in between. We’ve certainly travelled during the streak too,  with runs completed in Poland, Portugal, the Lake District, Wales, Cleethorpes and Nottingham.

I expected to feel tired and drained but I’ve got stronger, with only the usual few aches and pains, but nothing too serious. Throughout the streak my running has improved no end, with big PB’s at 5k (not sure I’ll ever get near that time again), managing to finally get a sub 40 minute 10k (38.39) and finishing under 1.30 for a half marathon twice. I also managed to shave over 7 minutes off my marathon time and get down to 3.23 despite the 27 degree heat in Lisbon.

What started as a summer challenge wearing t-shirts, now sees me more likely to be wearing an Ackworth Road Runners Bobble Hat. Debbie and her Mum have been busy making the hats all year to meet demand and there are now over 80 hats out there, raising an amazing £1000 for the MS Trust. There are still orders coming in and another running club have got in on the action, providing a welcome change from blue and white!

bobble hats

I’ve no idea how long the streak will carry on, or if I am helping myself in terms of marathon training and improving, but it’s been great fun and I’ll carry on as long as it stays like that.

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